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Alessandro Menta           Liutaio-Violinmaker


Born in Cremona on january 1st 1981.

In 1995 he enrols  in international school of violinmaker in Cremona,

where he qualifies in 2000 under the teaching of M° Negroni.

After having finished the school , he starts his professional esperienze

in the workshop of Maestro Nicola Lazzari in Casalbuttano, where he has been working

for   eight years .

After having become Maestro Lazzari’s pupil, under his guidance

Alessandro perfects his style and constructive technique .

He is deeply in contact with Maestro Giobatta Morassi, one of the most

Important representative of conteporary violinmaker , and with his son


He has had the opportunity of working in their workshop for some time;

developing and improving his working experience

He takes up specially making violins,violas and cellos following the classical

models of Cremona (Stradivari,Guarneri,Amati) and other models :

(Ornati e Garimberti). He uses first quality and well seasoned woods

and materials keeping attention to the acoustic quality of the instruments he

creates . He uses an orange-brown varnish with a golden yellow base.

He is a member of ALI   (Italian Violinmaker Association) and of professional

Violinmakers and Bowmakers grog.

He has entered some international competition of violinmaker.

During year 2006 he is a finalist with one of his violin at (Violino Arvenzis)

First international competition of violinmaker of Donly Kubin in Slovakia.